Orange cars drive faster

Discover the iconic Jägermeister Racing cars like you haven’t seen them before:
The new Rennmeister brand takes a new and unconventional look at the iconic Jägermeister racing cars – as witnesses to an adventurous era of sport, pop culture, art and design they draw the bow from the roots of the Jägermeister Racing team to the lifestyle of the best nights of life in the here and now.

Race cars after dark

The new Rennmeister brand is shining a whole new light on the iconic racing machines and the culture that surrounds them. Taken away from their natural racing environments and released in unexpected sceneries like nightclubs, galleries and other venues of urban culture, the Jägermeister Racing cars are not just highly functional racing tools. They are also fascinating sculptures and dramatic works of art on wheels. As artefacts of an exciting, exuberant, and exaggerated era in sports, pop culture, art and design, these cars have the potential to inspire us to be rebellious and bold in every move, to dare the unknown, to strive for perfection – and break some rules along the way.

Created by Jägermeister and CD Works, a creative consultancy based in Zurich, Rennmeister experiments with contemporary forms of storytelling and visual communication, popup events and brand collaborations, all loosely tied to the idea of taking a fresh look at the iconic Jägermeister Racing cars. The heart of this exciting endeavour is the new @rennmeister72 Instagram channel that keeps followers worldwide entertained with a stream of surprising and engaging photos, videos, and digital artworks. At the same time, after dark events create opportunities to interact with the iconic Jägermeister Racing cars and the protagonists of the Rennmeister brand in unexpected ways.

The Rennmeister team is busy working with content creators, artists, and brands worldwide, creating the next chapter in the exciting history of Jägermeister Racing. Follow @rennmeister72 on Instagram to stay inspired and not miss the next move.