PORSCHE 934 Turbo

Porsche provided a new “weapon” for the 1976 season of Grand Tourisme class racing: the 934-Turbo. This racing car, which was developed from the 911 (exactly like the RSR), weighed 1120 kg, had a turbocharged three-litre engine, and initially delivered 485 hp and subsequently even as much as 580 hp. Maximum speed was over 300 km/h. Two Jägermeister 934s were on the starting grid for the Max Moritz team in 1976. The drivers were Reinhardt Stenzel, Helmut Kelleners and Derek Bell. Edgar Dören and Gerhard Holup also drove a 934 in 1978 (including in the 1978 Le Mans).


  • Weight: 1120 kg
  • Capacity: 3,0 Liter
  • Power: 580 PS
  • Top Speed: über 300 km/h


  • Reinhardt Stenzel
  • Helmut Kelleners
  • Derek Bell
  • Edgar Dören
  • Gerhard Holup
  • Eckhard Schimpf
  • Günter Steckkönig
  • Romain Feitler