‘72STAGPOWER – Spirit of Jägermeister Racing

A fleet of historic racing cars and sports cars is now returning to the classic scene under the name ’72STAGPOWER. “72” stands for the year 1972, and a “Stag” is a male deer. Still not fully clear? The solution is provided by the subtitle: “The Spirit of Jägermeister Racing”. This team was founded in 1972 and remained in existence until the year 2000.

More than 150 racing drivers drove to hundreds of victories in three decades. Orange-coloured racing cars flaunting a stag’s head as the famous spirits producer’s brand logo fought their way to more than 2000 places on the victors’ podium. Aces like Hill, Stuck, Lauda, Bellof, Ickx, Ludwig, Bell, Stommelen, Mass, Boutsen, Schurti, Grohs, Höttinger, Peterson, Kelleners, Bartels, Hahne and many, many more sat in Jägermeister cars.

‘72STAGPOWER is carrying on this tradition. The project is now backed by a father-and-son team, namely Eckhard Schimpf, who led the racing team for the Jägermeister company from 1972 to 2000, and his son Oliver Schimpf. They are the initiators of ’72STAGPOWER and are supported by the Mast-Jägermeister family of entrepreneurs.