Christian Geistdörfer looked around

2019-05-07T13:40:39+02:0024.November 2016|

Christian Geistdörfer paid a visit. Born in Munich, a world rally champion and co-driver with the motorsport legend Walter Röhrl, he inspected ‘72STAGPOWER’s cars. Christian Geistdörfer, who has just published his very readable book “Walter and I”, said he could imagine that he would one day organise a “Pfunds Classic Rally” in conjunction with [...]

The First – A Porsche Classic

2023-02-06T11:03:52+01:0017.November 2016|

22 September 2016 - the “Porsche Classic” has arrived. The cover photo shows ‘72STAGPOWER’s 914/6. This Porsche was the first racing car bought in 1972 for the newly founded Jägermeister racing team. Eckhard Schimpf drove it in 1972 and 1973. The car returned to ‘72STAGPOWER decades later (in a roundabout way via the USA). [...]

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