Franz Konrad And Eckhard Schimpf

2019-05-07T13:49:42+02:0020.May 2017|

Franz Konrad visited the ‘72STAGPOWER workshop in Braunschweig on 18 May. He also once sat in Jägermeister racing cars, in fact in the Brun-Team’s Porsche 962. Franz Konrad (now 66 years old) was active from 1970 until 2007. He competed in various categories and cars. He mainly drove sports cars (mostly Porsche), but was [...]

If Not Him, Then Who?

2019-05-07T13:49:01+02:0016.May 2017|

A Story In The Drive Style Magazine "Träume Wagen" (Dare To Dream (About Cars)) Eckhard Schimpf is not only a journalist and part of the Jägermeister family, but was also a racing driver and a “Jägermeister Racing” Team Manager. Together with his son, the 78-year-old Braunschweiger now manages the ‘72STAGPOWER company to bring [...]

Schimpf Got It

2018-02-07T12:16:29+01:0016.May 2017|

Schweizer Illustrierte - Autos Many racing cars in JÄGERMEISTER COLOURS celebrated victories between 1972 and 2000. Former team boss Eckhard Schimpf now collects the cars and offers replicas of them for sale. PDF download Text: Roland Löwisch Photos: Gulliver Theis

The Ford Capri RS 2600 On The Move On 9th/10th June 2017

2019-05-07T13:48:22+02:0009.May 2017|

‘72STAGPOWER’s Ford Capri RS 2600 will be on the road from 9/10 June at the “Paul Pietsch Classic”, a highly prestigious old-timer rally in the Black Forest. The Klient Capri RS 2600 (built in 1969) will be driven by the journalist Boris Schmidt (“Frankfurter Allgemeine”). Another legend will be sitting beside him in the [...]

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