Michael Gerber Visited ‘72STAGPOWER 2017

2019-05-07T14:00:33+02:0024.October 2017|

For ten years, until the early nineteen-nineties, Michael Gerber was on the road as a professional rally driver. The PR Manager now visited ‘72STAGPOWER’s workshop, marvelled at the Jägermeister racing cars, and judged them to be: “Awesome”. As a works driver under contract to Mitsubishi and Toyota, of course Michael Gerber was on the [...]

Ralph Bohnhorst Was A Test Driver In Oschersleben In 2017

2019-05-07T13:59:53+02:0012.October 2017|

Ralph Bohnhorst (54) was ‘72STAGPOWER’s first test driver. Where? On the Oschersleben Arena test circuit, of course, of which he has been Managing Director for a year. Oschersleben is considered to be ‘72STAGPOWER’s “home circuit”. Ralph Bohnhorst has been an established name in motor racing for many years. With a variety of duties and [...]

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