A Porsche 956 completes ‘72STAGPOWER’s fleet. The car with chassis number 956 106 has had a successful racing history, and is now in our workshop being restored from top to bottom by Head Technician Michael Groth. That may take ten months.

This Porsche 956 initially raced in Richard Lloyd’s team (Great Britain) with drivers such as Keke Rosberg, Jan Lammers, Jonathan Palmer and others in Canon colours. In the winter of 1984/85, the “106” moved to Team Brun, which was sponsored by Jägermeister (and remained until 1990). In the first race in orange in July 1985, Gerhard Berger/Walter Brun drove the car to 6th place in the Hockenheim 1000-kilometre race. Drivers who subsequently sat at the wheel of this Jägermeister racing car (1985 and 1986) include: Hans- Joachim Stuck, Walter Brun, Oscar Larrauri, Frank Jelinski and Thierry Boutsen.

Author: Eckhard Schimpf