The Founder Of The „PS.Speicher“ Transport Museum In The Saddle Of A DKW Turbocharged Motorcycle

2019-05-07T14:01:35+02:0014.November 2017|

The businessman and collector Karl-Heinz Rehkopf, founder of the “PS.Speicher” transport museum in Einbeck, visited ‘72STAGPOWER’s workshop in Braunschweig. Accompanying him was Manfred E. Schulz, a member of the Foundation Council of the Kornhaus cultural foundation in Einbeck. And in what did the two gentlemen arrive - in a white Tesla. A Tesla? Yes, the [...]

Octane: „Heroes In Orange“ Reportage

2018-02-07T12:54:51+01:0008.November 2017|

[...] There are phrases that have a life-changing effect, and they are a good example proving the truth of the old adage: ‘When anyone thinks they can plan their life, God just laughs’. A phrase that was to lead to an exceptional collection of racing cars – but more about that later. So back [...]

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