Ford Capri RS In Rally Form

An article entitled “Im Zeitraffer” (fast motion, time-lapse) by Boris Schmidt about the Paul Pietsch Classic Rally in the magazine of the “Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung” (FAZ) newspaper appeared on 8 July. Boris Schmidt, an FAZ journalist, had taken part in this old-timer rally in the Black Forest in ’72STAGPOWER’s Ford Capri RS 2600. A prominent person occupied the passenger seat: Christian Geistdörfer, former world rally champion and co-driver for the rally legend Walter Röhrl.

Bild: Boris Schmidt (rechts) und Christian Geistdörfer.

Bild: Der Jägermeister-Ford Capri RS am Start.

Bild: Auf der Strecke.

Bild: Die „Paul Pietsch Classic“ gehört zu den Top-Events der Oldtimer-Szene.

Photo: The Jägermeister-Capri RS arriving at the finishing line in Monaco Harbour in the 1973 Monte Carlo Rally. Driver Eckhard Schimpf is on the right and co-driver Ernst Johann Zauner on the left. This car was the model for a replica now standing in the ’72STAGPOWER hall. Although this replica is not “the” Monte Carlo car, it is also an absolute original Ford Capri (1969 vintage) in its full rally outfit.

Author: Eckhard Schimpf

Photos: Autostadt Wolfsburg

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