A visit by Wolfgang Zanker (now Global Communications for Daimler). He has a previous history of racing. He was in the mechanics’ crew for the Jägermeister Max Moritz team in Reutlingen in the nineteen-seventies. He says: “Even today, I can still take a 935 engine apart and reassemble it with my eyes closed.” Wolfgang Zanker was a member of the team that looked after the Jägermeister Porsche 935 at that time. Manfred Schurti drove a “35er” of this type in 1977 and 1978. Racing legend Jacky Ickx also once sat in this car (in 1978). The Jägermeister Max Moritz Team entered two Porsche 934-Turbos in 1976 (for Helmut Kelleners and Reinhardt Stenzel)

Today’s ‘72STAGPOWER Porsche Carrera RSR, driven by Eckhard Schimpf from 1974 to 1978, was also maintained by the Max Moritz team.

Olaf Meidt came to Braunschweig together with Wolfgang Zanker. He is Communications Director for the Volvo Car Germany. Not only is Olaf Meidt a motorsports fan, in his younger years (until 1992) he also wrote intensively about motorsport as a professional for “Rally Racing”. Meidt was also the ghost-writer for Stefan Bellof, who suffered a fatal accident in Spa in 1985.

A new book about racing edited by Jürgen Lewandowski has also just been published. Its title: “The Max Moritz Team”. The cover is decorated with a Porsche 935 in Jägermeister colours, and Eckhard Schimpf has also written a chapter in this thick volume about his experiences in that legendary team.

Author: Eckhard Schimpf