Kris Nissen: First time back in the 962-Cockpit

2019-05-07T14:05:41+02:0020.February 2018|

Kris Nissen (57) stopped for a coffee at ‘72STAGPOWER. Originally from Denmark but now living in Switzerland, he previously had his home in Braunschweig for a time and was active in racing until 2000. After that, he worked as Volkswagen’s Motorsports Director until 2012 and managed the spectacular Dakar Rally appearances, among other things.‘72STAGPOWER’s Porsche [...]

Norbert Knerr (BMW) visited ‘72STAGPOWER

2019-05-07T14:04:59+02:0009.February 2018|

BMW is also one of the giants in the classic scene. It’s scarcely believable: the white-blue premium brand was represented in more than 300 classic events worldwide last year. No wonder: The Munich group also has a magnificent history. Therefore it was only natural that Norbert Knerr, the BMW Group’s Head of Historic Motorsport, wanted [...]

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