There are racing cars whose excitingly powerful engine sound can send a shiver down the spine. The Porsche Carrera RSR is one of these savage breeds.

Participants were able to hear this for themselves during the Track Experience at the Porsche test circuit in Leipzig on 9 and 10 June. The six-cylinder sound of ’72STAGPOWER’s Porsche Carrera RSR warmed the hearts of those taking part in this driver training session for owners of classical Porsche models. Not only during the symbolic “warm-up” after the barbecue, but equally on the Porsche test track itself on the following day, when the RSR roared past the pits at “full speed”.

Hans-Joachim Stuck and Eckhard Schimpf drove this 330 hp Porsche Carrera, which was bought from the Jägermeister racing team in 1974. Eckhard Schimpf drove this GT car until 1978. Today it belongs to the ’72STAGPOWER collection. A racing sports talk between Hans-Joachim Stuck and Eckhard Schimpf rounded off the Classic Car Weekend in Leipzig.

Author: Eckhard Schimpf

1974er Porsche Carrera RSR

A trio with a Porsche past. Left: “The Porsche Stalwart”: Hendrik Unger, who at one time drove a works Porsche 959 in the Paris-Dakar rally. Centre: Hans-Joachim (“Strietzel”) Stuck, who was victorious in a Porsche in the Le Mans in 1986 and 1987, and on the right, Eckhard Schimpf.

Jägermeister Porsche 1974 Carrera RSR

A Jägermeister Porsche: With start number 33 and driven by Schimpf/Dören, this car was 1976 Category Winner in the 1000-km Nürburgring race.

Strietzel Stuck rollt auf die Strecke 1974 Carrera RSR

Thumbs up – good to go: Strietzel Stuck rolls out onto the track.