Beckman, One Of The Young Wild Ones, Calls In At ‘72STAGPOWER

2019-05-07T13:55:50+02:0028.August 2017|

The European Championship for Formula 3 racing cars is considered to be the stepping stone to Formula 1. That was already true around fifty years ago, and is no different today. One of those who dreams of a Grand Prix Career is David Beckmann. He has just turned 17. ‘72STAGPOWER also tested its historic [...]

A Prominent DTM (German Touring Car Champions) Racer Pays A Visit

2019-05-07T13:54:39+02:0014.August 2017|

... to the ‘72STAGPOWER pits. The Motorsport Arena in Oschersleben is ‘72STAGPOWER’s ideal and preferred test circuit. After all, this this racetrack is only one hour’s driving from the ‘72STAGPOWER workshop in Braunschweig; and even a single test circuit in the morning or afternoon can be managed without a gigantic effort. Prominent visitors regularly [...]

Markus Hotz Was A Test Driver In Oschersleben

2019-05-07T13:53:53+02:0011.August 2017|

‘72STAGPOWER’S Formula 2 Racing Cars Markus Hotz, one of Switzerland’s best racing drivers from the nineteen-sixties to the nineteen-eighties, drove speedy laps in a Formula 2 Jägermeister March on the Arena circuit in Oschersleben. The car ran perfectly. This car was owned by Markus Hotz, but he sold the vehicle to ‘72STAGPOWER a short [...]

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