A report about Jägermeister racing cars by Gregor Messer, effectively staged with photos by Aleksander Perkovic, appeared under the title “Full Throttle Orangery” in the “Classic Cars” magazine, which is owned by the Bauer Media Group.

Gregor Messer, Head of Sport for AUTO ZEITUNG in Cologne, has been one of the racing scene’s most knowledgeable experts for four decades. When he visited the ‘72STAGPOWER workshop in Braunschweig, he clearly had a comprehensive knowledge of the collection of Jägermeister racing cars displayed there, and their former drivers. Chatting to Gregor Messer gives a deep insight into the history of motorsport from the nineteen-seventies to the nineteen-nineties. It’s always inspiring, particularly for the ‘72STAGPOWER people!

Author: Eckhard Schimpf