A Fantastic Story In „CHRISTOPHORUS“ In 2016

2019-05-07T13:58:15+02:0020.September 2017|

“Return of the Racer” was the title of a story that originated nearly two years ago and was published in “Christophorus” shortly thereafter. People ask the ‘72STAGPOWER team about it even today. So you can now also read the story now on our web site. Porsche’s “Christophorus” is one of the motoring world’s very [...]

Leslie Mandoki In The Cockpit

2019-05-07T13:57:47+02:0014.September 2017|

An old champion in the March Formula 2? Or a new driver? Neither of these. It was just for fun that Leslie Mandoki climbed into this racing car’s cockpit. During a journey to Wolfsburg, he interrupted it to visit ‘72STAGPOWER in Braunschweig. For coffee and a slice of almond cake. The reason? Leslie Mandoki [...]

Octane, The Top-Flight Magazine, Visits ‘72STAGPOWER

2019-05-07T13:57:11+02:0002.September 2017|

Octane, one of the world’s leading magazines for classic cars, visited ‘72STAGPOWER in Braunschweig. Jürgen Lewandowski, author and editor of around 100 books about automobiles, came from Munich as Octane’s representative. He is an internationally acknowledged connoisseur of the scene, and wanted to obtain information about all the Jägermeister rarities standing around in Braunschweig. [...]

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