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News ‘72STAGPOWER The Spirit Of Jägermeister Racing

A topic without end: BMW race car

Peter Gleeson (l.) and KG Almström (r.) in front of the 320 Gruppe 5 BMW driven by Eckhard Schimpf from 1979 to 1982. The car’s front mudguard and spoiler are just being renewed. [...]

02.May 2019|

Graham Hill, Lauda, Stuck und Co

Eckhard Schimpf and Karsten Arndt in conversation. Karsten Arndt (Gelee-Deluxe-Films) visited ‘72STAGPOWER and interviewed Eckhard Schimpf. The podcast topic: motorsports in the nineteen-seventies and Jägermeister aces of that era. Like Graham Hill, Niki [...]

04.April 2019|

When racing cars become works of art

The painter, draughtsman and illustrator Hendrik Müller in Halfing, Chiemgau, has devoted himself to ‘72STAGPOWER racing cars for two years. Our photo shows the artist with two finished paintings of the March Formula [...]

26.March 2019|

Marco Werner tested ‘72STAGPOWER racing cars

Marco Werner (52), one of Germany’s most successful racing drivers, tested some Jägermeister racing cars in Oschersleben. The test drive reports and driver’s impressions were published in “Curbs” (Issues 28 and 29).Marco Werner, who [...]

28.February 2019|

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