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News ‘72STAGPOWER The Spirit Of Jägermeister Racing

20 years in Jägermeister overalls

Poldi von Bayern (Prince Leopold of Bavaria), an experienced racing driver for half a century, was at the wheel of the racing taxi as usual during the prelude to the DTM in Hockenheim. Of [...]

05.May 2018|

Porsche 962 ran like clockwork

‘72STAGPOWER’s first test day this year on the Arena circuit in Oschersleben ran tip-top. Four cars rolled out of the pits: a Porsche 962 (ex-Brun), a Porsche 956 (also from the former Brun team), [...]

30.April 2018|

Kurt Ahrens: The story of a regular visitor

Kurt Ahrens was among the most successful racing drivers of the nineteen-sixties. Nowadays he is one of the regular visitors who comes to ’72Stagpower’s workshop regularly to “talk about cars”. Kurt Ahrens was born [...]

20.April 2018|