20 years in Jägermeister overalls

2018-05-09T13:52:30+00:00 05.May 2018|

Poldi von Bayern (Prince Leopold of Bavaria), an experienced racing driver for half a century, was at the wheel of the racing taxi as usual during the prelude to the DTM in Hockenheim. Of course it was no “ordinary” taxi, but an M3 racing touring car from the nineteen-nineties. At that time, Poldi von [...]

Porsche 962 ran like clockwork

2018-05-09T13:58:01+00:00 30.April 2018|

‘72STAGPOWER’s first test day this year on the Arena circuit in Oschersleben ran tip-top. Four cars rolled out of the pits: a Porsche 962 (ex-Brun), a Porsche 956 (also from the former Brun team), the tried-and-tested BMW 320 Group 5 and a Porsche 914/6 GT. The 1989 Porsche 962 (chassis number BM 008) aroused [...]

Team Motopark and ‘72STAGPOWER will work together in future

2018-05-09T11:28:05+00:00 26.April 2018|

A powerful grey 40-ton truck carrying the word “Motopark” rolls into ‘72STAGPOWER’s yard in Braunschweig. Three Jägermeister racing cars are loaded into it. They are scheduled for testing on the Oschersleben racetrack in the next few days. This is the start of cooperation with the successful Motopark Formula 3 Team for which Formula 1 [...]

Kurt Ahrens: The story of a regular visitor

2018-04-20T11:28:48+00:00 20.April 2018|

Kurt Ahrens was among the most successful racing drivers of the nineteen-sixties. Nowadays he is one of the regular visitors who comes to ’72Stagpower’s workshop regularly to “talk about cars”. Kurt Ahrens was born in Braunschweig, the son of a motorsports racer who was formerly also very well known. Ahrens junior was German Racing [...]

Jochi Kleint was delighted with the Kleint-Capri

2018-03-26T11:00:08+00:00 07.March 2018|

Another of the former Jägermeister drivers paid a repeat visit: Klaus-Joachim (Jochi) Kleint came to ’72STAGPOWER in Braunschweig to look at the venerable cars of Jägermeister’s racing team. The rally champion from Hamburg (European Champion in 1979) was mightily impressed. And very pleased when he discovered a Kleint RS 2600 constructed by Tost Motorsport [...]

Kris Nissen: First time back in the 962-Cockpit

2018-03-08T14:50:56+00:00 20.February 2018|

Kris Nissen (57) stopped for a coffee at ’72STAGPOWER. Originally from Denmark but now living in Switzerland, he previously had his home in Braunschweig for a time and was active in racing until 2000. After that, he worked as Volkswagen’s Motorsports Director until 2012 and managed the spectacular Dakar Rally appearances, among other things. [...]

Norbert Knerr (BMW) visited ‘72STAGPOWER

2018-03-08T14:29:17+00:00 09.February 2018|

BMW is also one of the giants in the classic scene. It’s scarcely believable: the white-blue premium brand was represented in more than 300 classic events worldwide last year. No wonder: The Munich group also has a magnificent history. Therefore it was only natural that Norbert Knerr, the BMW Group’s Head of Historic Motorsport, [...]

Porsche 962: Another top-class item for ‘72STAGPOWER´s pack of racing cars

2018-03-07T17:56:16+00:00 23.January 2018|

72Stagpower hat erneut einen originalen Rennwagen aus der Epoche des Jägermeister-Racing-Teams erwerben können. Es handelt sich um einen Porsche 962, der in der Saison 1989 in Jägermeister-Farben am Start war. Bei zwei Weltmeisterschafts-Läufen konnte sich dieser Wagen gut platzieren. Auf dem Nürburgring (am 20. 8. 1989) belegte das Team Oscar Larrauri/Franz [...]

The man who paved the way into Formula 1 for Valtteri Bottas and Max Verstappen

2018-03-07T17:49:19+00:00 28.December 2017|

Timo Rumpfkeil visited ’72STAGPOWER in Braunschweig. This racing manager, now aged 40, operates his own racing team from which extremely successful racing drivers have found their way to the very top. Valtteri Bottas, for example, or Max Verstappen. The racing stable named “Motopark” was founded in Oschersleben in 1998, located directly alongside the Arena [...]