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News ‘72STAGPOWER The Spirit Of Jägermeister Racing

When racing cars become works of art

The painter, draughtsman and illustrator Hendrik Müller in Halfing, Chiemgau, has devoted himself to ‘72STAGPOWER racing cars for two years. Our photo shows the artist with two finished paintings of the March Formula [...]

26.March 2019|

Marco Werner tested ‘72STAGPOWER racing cars

Marco Werner (52), one of Germany’s most successful racing drivers, tested some Jägermeister racing cars in Oschersleben. The test drive reports and driver’s impressions were published in “Curbs” (Issues 28 and 29).Marco Werner, who [...]

28.February 2019|

Full Throttle Orangery

A report about Jägermeister racing cars by Gregor Messer, effectively staged with photos by Aleksander Perkovic, appeared under the title “Full Throttle Orangery” in the “Classic Cars” magazine, which is owned by the Bauer Media [...]

20.February 2019|

Visitors from VfL Wolfsburg

Hardly anyone knows it: Wolfsburg Football Club (VfL Wolfsburg), whose Bundesliga players are well-known to all sports enthusiasts, also has a “Motorsport” department. These race fans visited ‘72STAGPOWER. Ralph Bohnhorst (55) is CEO of [...]

15.January 2019|

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